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92. Nano Photonics Lab 2020 Homecoming Day

posted Jul 29, 2020, 1:47 AM by Nano Photonics Lab KAIST   [ updated Jul 29, 2020, 1:51 AM ]

On Juli 11th 2020 Nano Photonics Lab organized homecoming day. In this event, all of the lab alumni, along with their families,
were invited to spend a day together with Prof. Yong-Hee Lee and the current members of Nano Photonics Lab.
In this joyful day, we reconnected with each other through various events which were prepared by the Prof.Yong-Hee Lee and Prof. Min-Kyo, Seo.
This special event took place at Fredrick's beer brewery(The Ranch Pub)On this event, everyone wore a mask to prevent corona infection, and had a WEB meeting with people who did not come to Korea from abroad.
And we received a catering service for dinner prepared by the prof. Lee and had drinking a brewery fresh beer together at a local pub. We also celebrated the Teacher's day for Prof. Yong-Hee Lee.
Here are some pictures taken during the event.